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Before we get into why a finance guy gave up corporate to pursue his passion, I would like to share how I met this great lady, who is also your wardrobe stylist. I was riding my motorcycle and about to exit, when I saw a woman driving ahead. I veered back onto the highway and pulled up next to her. She gave me a nervous smile and continued to drive but to my luck there was a traffic jam. She took pity on me and afforded me a few minutes of her time. We met two days later and at that moment I knew I wanted to marry her. I sold my last motorcycle and bought her a ring!

We migrated from NY (don’t hold that against us) and have two great kids, four cats (yes 4). My other passion is cooking, which started as a goal of getting the kids at the table by making a few favorite meals. This has now developed into a few killer recipes that the entire family loves. 

My journey to photography started with my school newspaper. Shortly after that I started channeling everything I saw and experienced into an artistic medium. I would read fashion magazines in high school, envisioning all of the elements that went into creating each image—from makeup, to clothing, to background and staging. I would watch SNL and think about the show’s writers sitting around having a scotch and cigar, tossing around ideas—thinking about everything that it takes to produce something so creative.

My photography career took a detour to major in finance, but I never lost the passion. I’m a man of simple pleasures, deep appreciations, and unwavering integrity. Always inquisitive and observant, my eyes are constantly scouring the world around me for hidden frames—frequently pointing out and shooting the artistry in nature during drives with my wife. One day she abruptly pulled over and said, “Listen, you’ve got two choices. Either pursue this, because it’s your dream, or don’t show me another picturesque scene.” That was the beginning—when I started to recognize and admit that this art of photography wasn’t just a hobby but my passion, and I consider myself the luckiest of men to have such a strong person with me.  

My goal here is help you promote yourself in best possible light. It’s the opposite of a cookie-cutter approach—and it starts with a face-to-face conversation over coffee or phone consultation. I need to get a feel for your energy, and understand what motivates and speaks to you, before I can paint a picture of you through the lens. 

My whole goal is to make you feel good about yourself, beautiful and confident. I want to show you what was already there, that you didn’t think you could pull off. It’s all about the collaborative experience—and together we’re going to create what a selfie can’t. We’re going to give you a relivable memory in the form of photography.

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A picture is often the first impression the world sees of a person.

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i am blessed to have him on my team

Throughout my years of pageantry I have had many beautiful headshots, but none of them really captured my personality, simplicity, and style more than my Aubyn Photography headshot. When I challenged Mario with the task of creating my official Miss Metrolina USA photo, he quickly was on-board and willing to do whatever it took to capture the perfect glimpse of me that truly resembled the woman I am proud to be today. I walked into the state pageant weekend feeling extra confident because of his amazing work, encouraging spirit, and generous support. I am blessed to have him on my team as Miss North Carolina USA & extremely excited create more amazing images as I prepare for the prestigious Miss USA competition. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Mario for being more than just a photographer- but for being a true friend!

madison bryant

miss north carolina 2021

My firm's preferred photographer

Mario is an amazing photographer. He managed to capture my individual photos as well as group photos. We all were amazed at the images and his overall professionalism. It takes skill to deal with a large group capturing images, which he handles well. After working with Mario on several different projects he is now my firm's preferred photographer. I have worked with him on different projects and he always delivers the shots I need. If you are looking for a professional skilled photographer that listens to your ideas, needs, and wants look no further, you will not be disappointed. 

Wheelux Realty

angela wheeler

 los más bellos (The Most Beautiful)


"Trabajar con Mario fue todo un placer para mi ya que nunca había echo una sesión fotográfica profesional y la verdad quede encantada con su profesionalidad. Mi hijo y yo nos sentimos súper cómodos y encantados y las fotos pues las mas lindas que tendré jamas. Amé que Aubyn Photography sea el creador de los recuerdos de mi segundo embarazo sin dudas los más bellos."

"Working with Mario was a pleasure for me since I had never done a professional photo shoot and the truth was I was delighted with his professionalism. My son and I felt super comfortable and delighted and the photos were the most beautiful that I will ever have. I loved that Aubyn Photography is the creator of the memories of my second pregnancy undoubtedly the most beautiful."

He knows how to make you comfortable

Mario has a true passion for photography. He knows how to make you comfortable especially when you are camera shy like I am. Mario gets a feel of your personality and uses his talent to enhance your photography experience! I love all of his work, from my birthday photo shoot all the way to my professional head shots! I couldn’t pick which one to use on my State Farm billboard! Not only does he love what he does, he is amazing at it as well!!

State Farm

Adriana Cabrera

an absolute pleasure

Working with Mario has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. We have worked together on many different occasions and it has been a blast every time. When looking for a photographer it's important to find one who is not only professional and communicative but is also personable and makes you feel comfortable the entire time. And all the while he makes it an incredibly fun experience. If you're looking to hire a photographer who is fun to work with, professional, and produces nothing but the best products, look no further. Mario is your guy.

Cass b.

 far exceeded my expectations.

Mario has enormous patience, a calming presence, and an incredible ability to use light, scenery, and natural color to transform his subjects into works of art. The experience of working with him was also a lot of fun—and the final images far exceeded my expectations.

Katie Orr

You can tell how much he cares

"Working with Mario has always been a pleasure. He really listens to me and made everything I had envisioned come to life. My favorite set I did with him was my maternity shoot. He surprised me with a handmade swing set that went above and beyond my expectations. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the pictures all came out! You can tell how much he cares about each session by his professionalism, thoughtfulness, and creativity!"


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